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Useful CLI commands FortiOS


CLI Commands

To start a transaction in CLI use execute config-transaction start.

A workspace mode transaction times out in five minutes if there is no activity. When a transaction times out, all changes are discarded

Commit config changes with execute config-transaction commit.
Abort with execute config-transaction abort.

Generic Commands

Default Device Information
admin / no password Default login Default IP on port1, internal or management port
9600/8-N-1, hw flow control disabled Default serial console settings
General system commands
get system status General system information
exec tac support Generates report for support
tree List all commands
<command> ? / tab Use ? or tab in CLI for help
<command> | grep [filter] Grep commands to filter output
Fortigate most used ports
UDP/53, UDP/8888 Fortiguard Queries
TCP/389, UDP/389 LDAP, PKI Authentication
TCP/443 Contract Validation, FortiToken, Firmware Updates
TCP/443, TCP/8890 AV and IPS Update
UDP/500, UDP/4500 IPSEC VPN with NAT-Traversal
TCP/514 FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer
TCP/1812, TCP/1813 RADIUS Auth & Accounting
UDP/5246, UDP/5247 CAPWAP
TCP/8013 Compliance and Security Fabric
ETH Layer 0x8890, 0x8891 and 0x8893 HA Heartbeat
For HA The virtual MAC address is determined based on following formula:
00-09-0f-09-<group-id_hex>-(<vcluster_integer> + <idx>)

Network commands

Interface information
diag ip address list List of IP addresses on FortiGate interfaces
diag firewall iplist list List of IP addresses on VIP and IP-Pools
Security Fabric
diag sys csf upstream / downstream List of up/downstream devices
diag sys csf neighbor list MAC/IP list of connected FG devices
diag automation test <stich_name> Test stitches in the CLI
diag test appl csfd 1 ... Display security fabric statistics
diag debug appl csfd -1 Real-time debugger
Switch Controller

diag switch-controller switch-info mac-table

Managed FortiSwitch MAC address list

diag switch-controller switch-info port-stats

Managed FortiSwitch port statistics

diag switch-controller switch-info trunk

Trunk information

diag switch-controller switch-info mclag

Dumps MCLAG releated information from FortiSwitch

execute switch-controller get-conn-status

Get FortiSwitch connection status
execute switch-controller diagnose-connection Get FortiSwitch connection diagnostics

diag sys virtual-wan-link member

Provide interface details
diag sys virtual-wan-link health-check <name> State of SLAs

diag sys virtual-wan-link service <rule-id>

SD-WAN rule state

diag sys virtual-wan-link intf-sla-log <intf-name>

Link Traffic History

diag sys virtual-wan-link sla-log <sla> <link_id>

SLA-Log on specific interface

diag test application lnkmtd 1/2/3

Statistics of link-monitor
diag debug application link- monitor -1 Real-time debugger of link-monitor
Network Troubleshooting

get hardware nic [port]

Interface information

get system arp
diag ip arp list

ARP table

exec clear system arp table

Clears ARP table

exec ping x.x.x.x
exec ping-options [option]

Ping utility

exec traceroute x.x.x.x

exec traceroute-options [option]

Traceroute utility

exec telnet x.x.x.x [port]

Telnet utility

diag traffictest server-intf

diag traffictest client-intf

diag traffictest port [port]

diag traffictest run -c [public_iperf_server_ip]

Iperf test directly run from FortiGate
Transparent Mode


Routing troubleshooting
get router info routing-table all Show routing table
get router info routing-table details x.x.x.x Show routing decision for specified destination-IP
get router info routing-table database Routing table with inactive routes
get router info kernel Forwarding information base
diag firewall proute list List of policy-based routes
diag ip rtcache list List of route cache
exec router restart Restart of routing process
diag sys link-monitor status/interface/launch Show link monitor status / per interface / for WAN LB
get router info bgp summary BGP summary of BGP status
get router info bgp neighbors Information of BGP neighbors
diag ip router bgp all enable
diag ip router bgp level info
Real-time debugging for BGP protocol
exec router clear bgp all Restart of BGP session
get router info ospf status OSPF status
get router info ospf interface Information on OSPF interfaces
get router info ospf neighbor Information on OSPF neighbors
get router info ospf database brief / router lsa Summary / Details of all LSDB entries
get router info ospf database self-originate Information on LSAs originating from FortiGate
diag ip router ospf all enable
diag ip router ospf level info
Real-time debugging of OSPF protocol
exec router clear ospf process Restart of OSPF session


diag debug appl ike 63

Debugging of IKE negotiation

diag vpn ike log filter

Filter for IKE negotiation output

diag vpn ike gateway list

Phase 1 state

diag vpn ike gateway flush

Delete Phase 1

diag vpn tunnel list

Phase 2 state

diag vpn tunnel flush

Delete Phase 2

get vpn ike gateway

Detailed gateway information

get vpn ipsec tunnel details

Detailed tunnel statistics

get vpn ipsec tunnel summary

Detailed tunnel information

diag vpn ipsec status

Shows IPSEC crypto status

show full vpn certificate local

Export all keys and certs